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Thread: PDOXDOS on XP

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    Unanswered: PDOXDOS on XP

    Anyone use Paradox DOS? Has anyone tried to run a PDOXDOS application on XP? Comments? I know, I know, get a life... These are not my applications but am trying to see if it is possible without too much pain.



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    Hi !

    I use, for few old customers, Pdox 4.5 (DOS), with Win-2000, 98 & 95.

    It's very fast, with good work. But if, on the same network, there are Win-version of Paradox, there are pb with "locks" (slow - slow - slow !).

    And for print, be carefull : to take an compatible-DOS printer.

    And too : the DPMI should be at 8 Mo max (in icon property / .PIF).

    Sorry for my poor english, but i am Ardéchois (an beautiful region, in France).

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