I getting mad.
I'm trying to connect to DB2 V7.2.3 using jdbc. I use Linux SuSE 7.3, IBM JDK 1.3, DB2 V7.2.3 and want to install WebSphere Appliction Server. DB2 connect within DB2 works on the same machine. But WebSphere cannot create a data source.
So I tested the communication with a tool from IMB's FTP. jdbctest.
But it doesn't work. So I tried some else:
db2 attach to linuxsrv user db2inst1 using <password>. Linuxsrv is the node and <password> is for the password. But I just get the message SQL1403N .. The username and/or passwort is incorrect. SQLSTATE=08004. But this works in DB2!!!

For installing DB2 I used a manual of IBM "Installing the Advanced Edition using IBM HTTP Server and IBM DB2 UDB on Linux (Intel)".
Can anyone help me to find the problem? Please!!!
I'm just a beginner in Linux. Perhaps it might be a right problem?