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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to change the host name of DB2?

    I have setup the computer with name as "wps", so the host name of DB2 is setted automatically to be "wps" too. When I install WPS, it needs to create a database named "wps", but DB2 refused to do so because the same name as the host name! The host name of DB2 isn't changed even I have change the computer name to "wpsserver", can anyone give me a hand to tell me how to change the host name of DB2 instead of re-install DB2? Thanks.
    BTW, I use DB2 UDB 7.2 here.

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    I believe this is a catalog issue and is node related. When u install DB2 for the first time the hostname is used to add the default server. Try uncataloging the Node (old name) then add the new one. I'm not sure what the cascading effect is but it did work for me on 7.2 XP going back through the control center. Also check the client config. wizard for any "floating" definitions and remove them.


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