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    Question Unanswered: Moving 6.5 database


    I have to move a production 6.5 database to another server (also 6.5) in wich other dbs already exist.
    1. Can I just backup and restore on the other server ?
    2. Do I have to check for the same service packs on both?
    3. Are there other ways to do it?

    Any help will be apreciated, since I can't find much info about this version.

    Thank you

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    It's been awhile since I've used 6.5, however I know in the pass I've moved a dump over from one machine to another, a few notes:[list=a][*]Make sure both machines where setup with the same CodePage[*]You'll have to resync any UserIDs in the database sysusers, to those in Master..syslogins, I believe Microsoft have a stored proc that does this[*]Recompile all of your procs, we use to have a problem with this. Use a simple cursor to loop through user tables issuing a 'SP_RECOMPILE' on each table[/list=a]

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