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    Unanswered: "Out of memory" error

    I get Run-time error '-2147024882 (8007000e) & "Out of menory" errors when I replicate with SQL server 7. I have made a VB program that uses SQLServer7 SP3's replication. Program gets through most of it's subscriptions but in the last one it gives these error messages. Sometimes when I push ok on that message box, replication continues and end with no errors, but sometimes it just shuts down without ending the replication process.


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    Microsoft talks about a memory leak in the following Technet article, I don't know if this helps?

    FIX: Replication Initialize Method Causes Handle Leak on Failure (Q243741)

    Also this article mentions error number -2147024882 (8007000e), I know it's about DTS and Oracle, but at the bottom it makes note that the "Out of Memory" is due to another problem.

    PRB: DTS Transfer From SQL Server to Oracle Through OLE DB Provider Shows Ongoing Private Bytes Consumption (Q293320)

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