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    Unanswered: Accessing postgresql database from diffrent network

    when I try to access a postgresql database server running on a diffrent network,I get the error,check whether the postmaster is running with -i option.But when I try to access the same database server from the same network I could access it easily.
    I had set the ip permissions in the pg_hba.conf file for the both the IP's.
    Any suggestions?


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    Wellcome to basic.

    on step:
    1. check with ping if there is connection.
    yes: next
    no: you have network problem
    2. check with nmap if the posgres' port are listening.
    yes: next
    no: maybe postgresql was started without -i option, but best advice is check the log file.
    3. check again the pg_hba.conf or if you are using xinetd check de deny and avoid configuration file.

    I expect this can help you.

    Salu lulu.

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