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    Unanswered: Please Help with ADO control


    Does anyone know why I can't delete records using a Fox Pro Table with ADO control? It appears as tho the recordset is NOT updateable. I simply need to delete all records in a talbe and I cannot just delete the table and re-create it because of third party software. I have to delete all records and then add new ones as needed.


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    Could be a couple of things...

    It may simply be that you are using a parameter setting on the ADO control which doesn't allow table updates. I'd check there first.

    It may also be that ADO is actually marking your records as deleted, but since you can't directly pack a DBF from VB, the records are still appearing in your resulting recordset/database.

    You mentioned a third-party it running while you are trying the update? You probably can't do both at the same time, since the other process would have the file open for its operation.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hai everyones there can you guys show me the way that vb link to FOX PRO without using ODBC method

    Thanks a lot!

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