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    Unanswered: newbie :Backup database from within an VB application

    Hello everybody

    I need to take backup of the database at the end of everyday from within an VB application.I need to have an interface(VB) to take a back up as the targeted user is not well versed with mssqlserver environment. How do i go abt doin' this.

    Thankx in advance

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    You'll need to use SQLDMO, which you can include in your VB Project. Under 'Project->Reference' include Microsoft SQLDMO Object Library, if you are using a version of SQL Server prior to 7.0 the library will be Microsoft SQLOLE Object Library.

    For examples:
    Using SQL-DMO To Backup and Verify a Database
    15 Seconds : Code Samples : Backing Up A Database
    Introduction to DMO

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