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    Post Unanswered: Clicking on Table to link files to Won't link-Just opens another selection window

    Anyone had the problem, running split database, and you attempt to relink tables using Linked Table Manager and when you click on the back end database, it just opens another window for you to select the backend database ? I had to delete all the table links and import all new ones. It seems to be working, but am not sure what may cause this.

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    in the left bottom corner of the "linked table manager" window, you see a checkbox. It says something like: "Always prompt for new location". You probably selected it.

    If it is not that, let me know


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    I've had this problem even though that box is unchecked. I don't know what causes it, but there is no reason to import all new links. You just have to specify the backend for each table you want to update the link for.
    Of course if you have many tables it might just be faster to re-import all the links.
    I'm not sure why access does this though, but it happens so few and far between, that I usually just ignore it

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