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    Question Unanswered: Field IDENTITY and ADOBD.RecordSet


    I need help.

    I'm using Sybase OLEDB Provider 2.1, Visual Basic 6.0 and Microsoft Activex Data Object 2.5.

    How can to know if a field is of type IDENTITY in a RecordSet?

    I know that using the property Type of Field, for example:

    RS.Field.Type = adNUMERIC, but I would like to know when is IDENTITY not NUMERIC.


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    This is not a solution, but might help

    I don't know why you need to know if a fieldtype is set to IDENTITY, but here is how to put the IDENTY to on or off..

    YourConnection.Execute "SET IDENTITY_INSERT [yourtable] ON"
    YourConnection.Execute "SET IDENTITY_INSERT [yourtable] OFF"

    This will set all the fields that have an Identity to off or on...

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