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    Unanswered: import notepad file into access

    Can we import file in notepad to MS Access? How?

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    Sure you can, or you can even link to it.

    Depending on which version you are using, click on File, Get External Data, then Import or Link Tables.

    In the bottom of the dialog box, the default Files of type is Microsoft Access, so change it to Text Files and select your file.

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    If you want to do the import in code, look at the TransferText method in the Access help area.

    Both the method mentioned by TJoy, and the TransferText method (which is just the command version of what TJoy recommended), are less than ideal if you are not wanting the text to be imported in to a table.

    If you want to simply read the information and import it in to a variable, then you are going to have to use the following:

    Dim FileString as string
    Open FullyQualifiedPathAndName For Input As #1
    Do Until Err<>0
         FileString=FileString  & Input(1,1)
    Close #1

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