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    Unanswered: multiple insert delays

    I am trying to work on a java application that does multiple inserts to the informix database. The data is actually obtained from an online screen. I see that the performance is very poor when ever the user enteres more than 20 records. This is caused because of the 20 inserts performed with in the program. Is there anyway I could do this in one insert.

    I know that the bulk insert could be done using INSERT into from.
    I cannot use this as I do not have my data in a table.

    Please advice.

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    I don´t know Informix very well, but when you want to insert 20 records in a database, the execution time must be less than 1 second. For example 500-1000 insert on an oracle database will take 1 second (depends on the machine and network and so on). This is the execution time that we reach in various projects.

    So - there must be a problem with your application or your network. Did you trace your application ? So that you can see what is happening ?

    Manfred Peter
    (Alligator Company)

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