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    Post Unanswered: Stored procedure error: System command cannot be executed

    Dear all,

    I have written a stored procedure to write a file to a certain path using the "system" command, which operates in the solaris environment.

    I have confirmed that both the informix and my ID is able to write files directly into the path, i.e. by typing "echo 123 > file.txt", but when i
    execute the stored procedure in dbaccess, it returns an error
    "System command cannot be executed", "Not owner".

    Any solutions?


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    please , show us your username in the passwd file
    and also ls -l output from directory and other files
    in the directory you are trying to write to

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    Have you tried to blanket the permissions (777) in Unix ? Also, just try something simple like copying a file using absolute paths.

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