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    Unhappy Unanswered: Line Breaks in Reports

    hi There

    Got a huge problem.

    My "detailed Area" in the Report is based on a recordset.

    Now I want to have all data of this recordset displayed, not only the first one.
    How do i create new lines in reports ???

    Thanx for your help !


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    What you are asking for is the default behavior of Access reports.

    So the question becomes, what is that you are doing that is disabling this default functionality?

    What do you mean by the detailed area is based on a recordset?

    Is not the RecordSource of the report a query, table, or SQL statement?


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    The Problem is that in one table there a 3 fields and if in these 3 fields something is written in than he should show the ID with the first field, then the ID with the second field and afterwards the ID with the third field and then he should go to the next id.
    And that's the problem.
    I tried it with a recordset and with if ... else stuff, but he only shows the first id and don't duplicate it in that cases.

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    I'm not sure I understand.

    Are you saying that each record, from your RecordSource object, contains six pertinent fields? Three of those fields are values and three of those fields are companion IDs? And even thought all these are on a single record, you want it to appear as though they are three separate records?

    In other words, your printout will look like this:

    Record1.ID1 Record1.Value1
    Record1.ID2 Record1.Value2
    Record1.ID3 Record1.Value3
    Record2.ID1 Record2.Value1
    Record2.ID2 Record2.Value2
    Record2.ID3 Record2.Value3
    Record3.ID1 Record3.Value1
    Record3.ID2 Record3.Value2
    Record3.ID3 Record3.Value3

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    Ill try to explain :=)

    We have a table where e.g. books are stored in

    One field is e.g. Nr of books total, title,...
    And 6 other fileds containing:

    Nr lended books1
    Date received back1
    Nr lended books2
    Date received back2
    Nr.lended books3
    Date received back3

    These fields are all columns !!!

    So thats kind of library.
    In total we got e.g.3 equal book

    Now we want to create a report containg 4 rows.
    First: Nr of books
    Second: Nr lended books1
    Third: Nr lended books2
    Fourth: Nr lended books3

    Thats kind of stupid example i know, but my english does not allow me to gice any better

    The amin problem is that we select data into a recordset and want to display all lines and some columns in differnt rows !
    By now it only displays the first row of data stored in the Recordset, not allowing to display part of this row in the next row and neither allowing to display the other rows of the RS

    Man, i bet noone knows waht i mean, sorry (

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    So what you are saying is, for each record in your RecordSource, you want the report to print out four lines.

    The first of those four lines will have the total number of books of a particular title.

    The second line will have the first number of books lent.

    The third line will have the second number of books lent.

    And the forth line will have the third number of books lent.

    This grouping will then repeat again with the next data record.

    Is this correct?

    Does your data look something like this:

    Title          NumberOfBooks    NumberLent1    DateReturned1    NumberLent2    DateReturned2    NumberLent3    DateReturned3
    War and Peace  20               3              2/20/2002        4              2/25/2002        2              3/1/2002
    Bible          10               5              2/19/2002        1              2/24/2002        
    History of Man 25               8              2/21/2002        1              2/29/2002        2

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    Yep, exactly !
    Only that we do not wanna print 4 lines all the time !
    If e.g. there is only NumberLent1 <> 0 we do not have to print row for NumberLent2 and NumberLent3

    So for each NumberLentx <> 0 w have to create a row.
    I was thinking about something like Report.nextrow or smthg.

    Hope you got my problem now

    THX for help

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    Sorry, there is no Report.nextrow.

    The problem is that your data is not normalized.

    You can do something with the data structure you currently have, but describing it is beyond the capacity of this thread.

    I would suggest, before opening your report, you write this data to a temporary table with the following structure:


    Then, your report can group on the title and the Lent and Returned field will appear in the detail section and it will only print those Lent and Returned fields which are <> 0.

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