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    Unanswered: failed remote connection to Pervasive 2000i server via JDBC

    I installed on a remote machine (windows 2000) Pervasive.SQL 2000i SP3 that I downloaded from pervasive site.

    I need a J2EE application that reads data from the remote machine and presents on the local machine.

    If the J2EE application is also on the remote machine. It works fine.

    But when the J2EE application is on a local machine (also windows2000). I can not retrieve the data.

    I installed first workstation engine and later P.SQL2000i server on the local machine Neither helped.

    I keep getting the following error when I try the url

    java.sql.SQLException: Error retrieving error information
    Error retrieving error information

    I could not find any information on pervasive site.


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