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I am using MYSQL 3.23.47 on a Win2000 server. I am trying to connect to the DB using java coded pooling objects that create 3 connections for every database in MYSQL initially.I currently have 3 databases in MYSQL. Consider the server's IP address to be
The same win2k machine is a web server (iPlanet) on which my program runs. The Driver name is given
as "org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver" and the url is
"jdbc:mysql://localhost/eventlog". This is configured and read from a flat file on the server.

Now I have a local copy of the application on my client PC and run this to connect to the above database.The
driver name is configured as "org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver" and the url as "jdbc:mysql://" in a configuration file on my machine. It works just fine. Connections to the database server is perfect.
Now the problem is if I run the application on the SERVER ITSELF.
After navigating from 10th to the 11th screen (can be any screen - just the count remains same)I get the error "Cannot load connection class
'java.sql.SQLException: Server configuration denies access to data source'." For the first 10 hits to the DB, everything works fine.

The data in the mysql.user table is as follows:
host | user | password | select_priv | grant_priv |
localhost | root | | Y | Y |
% | root | | Y | Y |
localhost | | | Y | Y |
% | | | N | N |

The 'host' table is empty.

max_connections =100, max_user_connections=0

Could someone help me with this please..

Thanks in advance,