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    Unanswered: SQL10007N Message "5676" could not be retrieved. Reason Code=4


    Could someone help explain this message? The database is DB2 V6 and resides on AIX. The following message is showing up in the snapshot monitor when running my application or running queries in control center or command center. There was no SQL error that I can see except for the message display by the monitor:
    Statement type = SQL10007N Message "5676" could not be retrieved. Reason code: "4".

    I looked up reason code 4 - The requested message does not exist in the message file. Either the message file is outdated, or it is the wrong one.

    What is the message file?

    Any clarification is greatly appreciated.

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    Make sure your environment variables are setup correctly. Try to set the NLS specfic ones at the system level (not in users .profiles since these are bypassed in an X-Windows/CDE environment.)


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