I have a problem with DTS-package reading Cyrillic data file.

The DTS-package is scheduled to read a data file once a day. The data file is of ANSI-file type and contains both Cyrillic and Latin characters. The package reads the data in to the database. The database used is SQL Server 2000 and the data type of the data fields is nvarchar.

First when I ran the package, the data was read into the database but all the Cyrillic characters had been transformed into wrong format. In other words, they couldn't be read correctly from the database.

With the first try, the default language system for my computer was English. For the second try I switched it to Cyrillic. After that all the data was transformed in the correct format and I could read the data from the database as I wished.

After the second try I made couple of tests with different settings (SQL Server Collation, Default language setting). The SQL server collation didn't seem to have any affect on how the data was transferred into the database. But the only default language setting that worked properly was the Cyrillic one.

My problem is, that I can't have the Cyrillic default language setting permanently on my computer. Other programs running on my computer can't use that setting.

Has anyone had experiences with this kind of a problem? Are there any ways of reading the data correctly without Cyrllic default language setting?