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    difference between Data Profiling and ETL

    Can anyone explain the difference between Data Profiling and the Transform in ETL?

    My understanding is this:-

    1. Data Profiling "documents" the data source and identifies discrepancies

    2. You then apply Data Reengineering tools to repair the discrepancies

    3. Extract, Transform then Load

    If you've done steps 1 & 2 well does this mean that there is very little Transforming and Cleansing to be done at the ETL stage?

    Thank you

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    Basically, you have to understand that the Transform step has much broader meaning than only rectifying discrepancies. I had read this definition on some site (don't remm. exactly where..)

    Transform: using rules or lookup tables, or creating combinations with other data - to convert it to the desired state
    You may manipulate the data or combine it with other data in the Transform step too. Its much more than removing discrepancies.

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