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    Question Unanswered: Failed opening required './libraries/grab_globals.lib.php

    I haven't got very far with phpmyAdmin. I've installed it as described, and entered host, user, and password in the file. But index.php just gets to line 7 where it says, "require('./libraries/grab_globals.lib.php');". As far as I can see, the phpmyAdmin directory does have a subdirectory "libraries", and the "grab_globals.lib.php" file does exist in that directory, but it doesn't get found. Instead, index.php says,

    Fatal error: Failed opening required './libraries/grab_globals.lib.php' (include_path='') in d:\Intranet\it\php\myadmin\index.php on line 8

    My system is NT4, Netscape Enterprise 3.6, with the latest PHP version. PHP seems to run ok. Mysql also. Webroot and host entry seem to be correct because otherwise,index.php couldn't have displayed an error msg. So what else could be wrong? I find the "include_path = ''" part of the err msg suspicious. I guess it refers to the include_path entry in php.ini which in my case is

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    In my version of phpMyAdmin there is that directory and php script.

    So download the phpMyAdmin from

    and unpack it with Winzip and copy the whole package in your html -directory.



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