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    Unanswered: why a database crushes?

    I have a problem. My database crushed for the 2nd time in a day.
    I have not done anything different. While I was working on the database, suddenly "#error" messages began to appear instead of the texts in the fields. When I tried to reopen the database it asks me whether I would like to recover. If I choose no it does not open the file, if I choose yes, the database opens but all the forms, table etc. seems empty although the file size is still around 400kb. When I try to open the form or table it gives the message "Index primary key cant contain a null value". And "unrecodnized database format \\...." I dont understand why it keeps doing this??? Does anyone have an idea?

    Thanks in advance.


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    You've got some kind of environmental problem. There's a problem with your network, or a problem with your computer, or you've got a corrupted Access installation. Normally, Access is very stable.

    By the way, the common terminology is that the database "crashes," not crushes.

    Good luck.

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    Are you pulling the database across the network or it stored locally? When making major design changes/development these should be done on your local computer. This will minimize chances of corruption.

    The database front end (forms) should always be separated from the tables in a multi-user environment (yes this creates more admin work, but the benefits of reduced corruption and improved network performance more than compensate).

    Also you did not mention version of Access but certainly make sure you have the latest service pack for office, as there are known issues in this department fixed by Service Packs...

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