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    Question Unanswered: help me, about powerdesigner8/9

    Hi, everyone!
    Can I ask you a question? I'm a beginner of PowerDesigner, here's a problem puzzle me, PowerDesigner6.0 includes :
    ProcessAnylst,DataArchitect,WarehouseArchitect,App modeler,
    But PowerDesigner8.0/9.0 includes CDM,PDM,OOM,MMR, I don't know where are upper sections? does PowerDesigner abandon them or change other words?
    I know my question is very laughable, But I really hope I can get your reply.

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    PowerDesigner 7/8/9 uses stupid words too...

    Metaworks means the the The Referential is present

    CDM means Conceptual Data Model
    PDM means Physical Data Model
    OOM means Object Oriented Data Model
    MMR ???
    BPM means Business Process Model

    In the old versions :

    ProcessAnylst => replaced my the UML (OOM + BPM)
    DataArchitect => PDM
    WarehouseArchitect => included now in PDM
    App modeler => replaced my the UML (OOM + BPM)
    Metawork => Referential (always called Metaworks)

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