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    Unanswered: Means to access SQL w/o EM

    Hey folks,

    Here's my situation. My web host has enabled SQL 2000 for my account but has left it to me to connect to it. I don't have the money to spend to buy the SQL Server 2000 software myself so I can get Enterprise MAnager. Is there some way, perhaps open source, that would allow me to interface even through a command line with SQL? I am a bred and bled MySQL man but I am trying to get a hang of SQL so I will be more adequetly prepared for a potential job I may have in the near future.


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    I know that you can download the trial version of SQL Server 2000
    Trial Version
    You only need the client tools, so just install them. The trial version is limited to a 120 days, but I wonder if that is on the Server/Database? You could try and install the client tools only.

    I've downloaded and installed this product, because it works with all ADO supported RDMS.
    Query Tool (using ADO)

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    Yes, 120 days trial version of SQL Server might be your answer for now, however keep in mind, that you need server type of O/S (2000 Server or NT Server) to install instance of SQL Server itself.
    You can download it or buy it on CD with many SQL Server books and then just download SQL S. Service Pack 2 from

    Workstation such as Win 2000 Pro allows for client tools only and yes, you get Enterprise Manager with it.
    With this option you need permission from the actuall SQL Server to connect to it.

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