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    Unhappy Unanswered: Help! Access 2000: "Invalid argument" when performing make-table query.

    First of all, I DO have the Office 2000 service pack installed - did that this morning.

    I am able to perform a normal (select) query without a problem. However, when I change it from select to make-table, I get the invalid argument error every time.

    Attempting to run a similar query with Append also results in the invalid argument error.

    Can anyone please help? I'd greatly appreciate it...

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    Can you post the SQL of the query?

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    Red face

    I have the same problem and have been researching it for the past few days. I have very little data validation in my table (only primary key required). The problem seems to be with the memo feilds in my table. I can append all I want unless I type too many characters in my memo fields (limited to 255, which is limit for text data type - and no, I did not accidentally make them text datatypes.) I can fill in all but the memo fields and it will append just fine; otherwise, I get error 3001: invalid argument. Is there perhaps some kind of data mismatch. I have come across references to datatype mismatches associated with this error type, but nothing specific. Also, some technical articles alude to a limit to the number of memo datatype feilds each table/action query can handle at one time (I have about a dozen memo feilds).
    Do you have any memo fields in the table you are trying to append (or make)? I really need to solve this problem as I have a deadline for deployment of this database.
    Here is the SQL for my append query:
    INSERT INTO regular ( Site_Name, Contract_Num, Address1, Address2, City, Zip, Site_code, Post_Tel1, Post_Tel2, Nextel_Num, OIC, OIC_Tel1, OIC_Tel2, RP, RP_Tel1, RP_Tel2, type_of_sceduling, Sat_begin, Sat_end, Sun_begin, Sun_end, Mon_begin, Mon_end, Tue_begin, Tue_end, Wed_begin, Wed_end, Thurs_begin, Thurs_end, Fri_begin, Fri_end, Training_Req_hours, [Training_Req-Abilities], SO_Duities, Special_Instructions, Alarm_Codes, Equip_Issued, Equip_Loc, Directions2site, emergcontact1, emergcontact2, emergcontact3, emergcontact1num1, emergcontact1num2, emergcontact2num1, emergcontact2num2, emergcontact3num1, emergcontact3num2, ermergprocedures, ems_emergency_num, ems_nonemergency_num, descriptionoffacilities, accountbranchmanager, area_num, alarm_site, patrol_site, burns, Last_modified, Modified_by, Holiday_Coverage, Cross_Street, Patrol_Area, Alarm_Company )
    SELECT [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSiteName] AS Expr1, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtContractNumber] AS Expr2, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtAddress1] AS Expr3, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtAddress2] AS Expr4, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtCity] AS Expr5, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtZip] AS Expr6, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSiteCode] AS Expr7, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtPostTel1] AS Expr8, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtPostTel2] AS Expr9, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtNextelNum] AS Expr10, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtOIC] AS Expr11, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtOIC_Tel1] AS Expr12, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtOIC_Tel2] AS Expr13, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtRP] AS Expr14, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtRP_Tel1] AS Expr15, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtRP_Tel2] AS Expr16, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtType_of_Sceduling] AS Expr17, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSat_Begin] AS Expr18, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSat_end] AS Expr19, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSun_Begin] AS Expr20, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSun_End] AS Expr21, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtMon_Begin] AS Expr22, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtMon_End] AS Expr23, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtTue_Begin] AS Expr24, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtTue_End] AS Expr25, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtWed_Begin] AS Expr26, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtWed_End] AS Expr27, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtThu_Begin] AS Expr28, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtThu_End] AS Expr29, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtFri_Begin] AS Expr30, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtFri_End] AS Expr31, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtTraining_Hours_Req] AS Expr32, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtTraining_Req_Abilities] AS Expr33, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSO_Duities] AS Expr34, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtSpecial_Instructions] AS Expr35, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtAlarm_Codes] AS Expr36, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEquip_Issued] AS Expr37, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEquip_Loc] AS Expr38, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtDirections2site] AS Expr39, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact1] AS Expr40, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact2] AS Expr41, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact3] AS Expr42, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact1Num1] AS Expr43, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact1Num2] AS Expr44, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact2Num1] AS Expr45, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact2Num2] AS Expr46, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact3Num1] AS Expr47, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergContact3Num2] AS Expr48, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEmergProcedures] AS Expr49, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEMS_PD_Emergency_Num] AS Expr50, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtEMS_PD_NonEmergency_Num] AS Expr51, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtDescOfFacilities] AS Expr52, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtAcountBranchManager] AS Expr53, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtAreaNumber] AS Expr54, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![chkAlarm] AS Expr55, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![chkPatrol] AS Expr56, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![chkBurns] AS Expr57, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtLastModified] AS Expr58, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtModifiedBy] AS Expr59, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![chkHolidayScheduling] AS Expr60, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtCrossStreet] AS Expr61, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtPatrolArea] AS Expr62, [Forms]![SiteInfo]![txtAlarmCompany] AS Expr63;

    Its a doozie, I know...perhaps just too long?
    To the kind person that reads this, I thank you in advance for your time and consideration...

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    Here is the Micro$oft (excuse me a moment, invoking the cursed name throws me into fits ...#@!$&%$#!@#$%#@...okay, over it) supposed solution to the problem:
    Microsoft Support KB article

    Of course, it is no help at all (I applied service packs already as well) but I include it here just for kicks.

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