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    Unanswered: Blob's and Stored Procedures

    What I'm trying to do is create a stored procedure that will eventually write data to a text field. What I'm curious about is the easiest way to get the text data into the stored procedure as it seems that I'm limited to a VarChar(255).

    Another question along these lines is, since Sybase stores the information as a pointer in the table. When does the server delete the actual heap data. Basically, if I just copy the pointer to a new table and delete the original record, does the data in the heap stay intact or will it somehow check to make certain that the address is no longer references anywhere.

    Useing ASE 11.9 btw.


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    With ASE 11.9.2 you cannot pass anything larger than 255 bytes to a stored procedure. With ASE 12.5 you can go up to 16,000 bytes.

    Your best bet would be to create a temp table with the BLOB in it, then use the stored proc to 'reach in' to the table.

    When you delete the row the 'heap' data or whatnot is released at that point. There's no way to access the pointer natively, although there are text-specific functions you can check out which may allow you to mess with it.


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