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    I have a such question regarding DBs(Data Bases).

    I write some VB application that suppose to do some transaction against DB.

    For example,
    <select ... from ... where ...>,
    <insert ... values ... into ...>,
    <update ... set ... where ...> etc.

    The problem is I'd like that my application could be independent from DB.
    So, I'd like to run it on MsAccess, Sybase, Oracle etc.

    Which technology You'd recommend me: ODBC or DAO?
    How it looks on a practice to implement such DB independence?
    If I need some "DB Profile" window like in Power Builder, for example?

    Where it possible to find some detailed info.
    I mean, such code examples that work
    both against Sybase and MS Access either.

    A lot of thanks in advance.

    John Smith

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    If you want to hard-code your SQL Statment in the VB code, you must only use the less common ANSI norm, supported by all these databases (probably ANSI SQL89)

    The best way is to use a middle tiers : your VBA only will look after the GUI.

    By Sybase, check Sybase Application Server (old name : Jaguar CTS)

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