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    Red face Unanswered: import from file

    Hello every body.
    I' m a guy from spain and this is my first message, and like you are going to check my english is not very good.
    I have a problem with T-Sql in the SQL server 7.
    I have to import data from files several times a day.
    i'm trying to use de Bulk Insert command but i have problems with the variable witch contain the name of file:

    set @file = 'c:\pruebas\lw' + char(@last + 1) + '.dat'
    Bulk insert tbl_Latewar from @file with ( fieldterminator = ' ' , firstrow = 1 , lastrow = 1 )

    it gives me a 170 error.
    if you know another command to do this, please tell me.

    if would help me i'll be very gratefully.
    Thanks in advance.

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    That error means there is a syntax probem.

    Have you tried the same command but with the file name inserted instead of a variable ?

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