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    Unanswered: Memory usage SQL Server 2000


    We have a scenario wherein RAM usage is creeping up until the DB has to be restarted (SQL server 2000 no service packs). There are 15 concurrent users connecting via ODBC (TCP/IP).

    Please can anyone give any tips as to how we can track down the problem?


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    Red face memory usage

    We are also having the same problem on a couple of our MSSQL Server 2000 machines. All help in this would be greatly appreciated.

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    The solution

    You need to have a server with the following configuration:
    It must include Backup Drive PV110T DLT1 40/80GB INTERNAL
    and also the server preferrably must contain the following:
    PowerEdge 6400 PIII Xeon 700MHz/2MB
    2 x Terminator Card PE64x0
    Add. CPU PIII Xeon 700MHz/2MB
    2GB (4*512) 133MHz SDRAM
    48x IDE CD-ROM
    PERC3/DC 128MB RAID, U160 SCSI
    4 x 36GB SCSI HDD, 15K RPM, 80-pin
    Embedded Intel Pro 100+ PCI Ethernet NIC
    and other ordinary devices.

    You must have a very excellent RAM Capacity as mentioned above to avoid the slow performance of your service and to allow all users maintain their own work without any complaints.

    Wish you good luck.

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