i have a fairly complicated database, that i'm having some trouble with in the payment form. the problem is with the code that does the balance and status calculations. when i post a payment, it's supposed to find how many days past due it is by compareing the invoice date and recieved date of the payment. if it's past due, >30,>60,>90 days, it'll add the correct late charges. change the status. then calculate the balance, and then if needed, change the status again. i have the code there, but i dont know why it's not working. it deletes the latecharges right after they are entered. it's really messing with me! i have tried all kinda different ways of codeing it and chnages the events around, but can't seem to get the correct sequence.

i have the database zipped up. if you wouldn't mind, e-mail me and i'll send you a copy so you can take a gander and see if you can spot what i cannot. it's about 900kb. click here to email me at clark@skycom1.com

thanks for reading my post and THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH if you look at my code!