i am a oracle dba and am new into db2. I am assigned a task to
design and implement a backup strategy for a live PROD database. I am
planning to go about it this way:-

1> Put the database in Archive mode.

2> Take complete offline backup.

3> Backup the archive logs generated everyday.

4> After a period of 15 days, reset the archive logs by switching the USEREXIT and LOGRETAIN parameters OFF and ON and repeat steps 2 onwards.

I plan to reset the archive logs every 15 days as this would avoid a large
recovery time incase of database crash. The last complete online backup would
have to be restored and only logs of last 15 days would have to be applied.

Could u please suggest me a better way or reseting logs (Oracle has ALTER DATABASE RESET LOGs command) .

And is this a good strategy? Any shortfalls?I am also contemplating of implementing a incremental(Delta) strategy in parallel.
Pls suggest.
Thanks and regards