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    Unanswered: Raw Partitions in SQL Server 2000


    I have a 3gb database (SQL 2k on Windows 2k) with some performance issues and it has been suggested to me to use Raw Partitions to increase performance. After researching this on BOL, I am hesitant to use raw partitions. I know this was a common practice in SQL 6.5. Has anyone tried this? What is the performance increase? Are there any other negatives besides what is mentioned in BOL? Any other insight would be greatly appreciated?



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    Michael, I have used raw partitiones back with Ver 6.0 however controler technology has greatly improved since then. You need to read the little blurb in Books Online before you go down this path. I seriously doubt you will get enough of a performace boost to warrent the limitations raw partitions impose.

    I would look instead to the drive configuration, channel allocation, transfer speed of the SCSI card, distribution of files across the drives etc.
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