Hello there again, another problem I encountered just today. This time it's much more specific.

I am running an async query via ADO (you can see some older code of it here, it had some bugs removed, but is basically the same). Now I have been observing GPFs on rare occasions in msado15.dll caused by Access. I was thinking this might be related to that this. Let me explain what the query does:

It's basically a cutom recordcount but counting real rows and not only accessed ones. It's used to calculate a (special) rowcount on a subform. If I browse through the records on the main form a connection is started asynchronously. ADO fires the ConnectComplete event where I start the Query asynchronously. On ExecuteComplete the result is returned and the query & connection is closed. Now it is possible (in my current design) that if I start a connection it can be used to run the query even if the underlying record has changed (why should I close it and reopen it again?). This is where (I believe) the error occours. I don't know for sure now as it's a bit tricky timing. I could reproduce the error on multiple machines, but were not able to trace it.

Has anybody observed similiar problems? If it's the issue described in the article is there a way to solve it (without waiting for m$ to fix it's dll to be fully vb/vba compatible ).

Access 2000: 9.0.2812
msado15.dll: 2.52.6019.1
dboledb8.dll (Adaptive Server Anywhere OLE DB Provider):


Michael Apel