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    Question Unanswered: DB2 Search in LONGVARCHAR columns (LIKE, STRPOS doesnt work)

    I have make search engine that searches in several table columns. some of them are LONGVARCHAR. As you probably know, (regardless that it was surprise for me) LIKE and STRPOS doesnt work with LONGVARCHAR arguments. Any Ideas haw I can search is these columns?

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    RE Like STRPOS doesnt work

    I don't know where your problem is. I know that like works perfectly in a long varchar field. The only problem I ever found is that if you search in lvc with a like lcase(<string>) DB2 reports UDF_MEMSIZE ist too small (after standard installation) Cause for this is obviously that lcase converts lvc (32K) to a CLOB (1M). STRPOS might do the same. By Default UDF_MEM_SZ is 4K*256 = 1M.
    If this is your Problem you might get SQL0973N as error. The solution for this is to increase UDF_MEM_SZ by using Update DBM CFG. Try and Report the result
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