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    Unanswered: Disable Script Debugging?

    Access 2000 database:

    >Sandi just got a Windows 2000 machine and she has been running AOP with no problem. Recently, Sandi indicated that she receives "Debug errors" frequently which prompts Windows to open a script debugging window. When this happens, Sandi reports that her machine often freezes. Another user who also has Windows 2000 reports similar events. No other users (all Windows 98 SE) report having this problem.
    I am wondering if it would be possible to disable script debugging on the Windows 2000 to prevent this from happening.
    I am concerned with making the changes myself, as I am only marginally familiar with the system.
    >Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

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    This might be a foolish question, but does the database load Internet Explorer extensions? If it does, then consider going into the Internet Explorer apps of the afflicted machines, then proceed as follows:
    Tools -> Internet Options -> [Advanced] Tab and put a check beside the "Disable Script Debugging" in IE under Browsing.

    Also, is there any kind of Machine Debug Manager loaded on this PC? Like the Microsoft MDM that comes with Visual Studio? If so, you may consider eliminating that from Memory by (if under Windows 98) going to Start -> Run and typing "Regedit". Then follow this path: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Cur rentVersion\Run" and deleting the Key called (Can't remember Exactly ) But I believe it's called MDM.exe.

    Hope that's of some help...

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    Another trace to check:
    If I understand the situation right, it are only the users of W2000 that face debugging errors with an existing Access-application? Everything runs fine with Windows 98SE? Are users using the same Office version?

    Most likely you have a problem with references from the Access-application to some windows or office libraries, that have different names under W2000 en W98.

    The Access-application was designed for Windows 98, so it has automatically referenced (often even without the designer knowing is) to several Windows 98 / Office-components. If you then use the same application from Windows 2000, Access can't find the W98-version of the libraries, since these have been updated to a newer version with a different name. Ergo: compile error.

    If you feel a little bit comfortable in the Access design environment, you can check this out yourself. Open your database in design view when running under W2000. Open any form in design view (doesnot matter which form). Select [View] [Code] to open the VBA-editor. Select [Tools] [References] to check for missing references.

    Most likely you will see a capatilised MISSING for the library references that Access can't find in the W200 environment. I won't be surprised if f.e. the reference to Outlook or Word would be broken.

    How to solve? Several approaches are possible:
    1) If you don't approach Outlook or Word at all from your Access database, try simply deselecting the missing reference. This sometimes solves the problem.
    2) However, disabling the Outlook reference sometimes creates new problems with datefields no longer functioning etc. In that case you may try to copy the missing libraries (check the files names) from the W98 machine to the W2000 machine.
    3) If that won't work, you may need to create a second front end database for your application. This second front end may be tuned to run with the proper references for W2000. Linking tables to the original databases will connect everything. However this option leaves you with 2 databases to maintain!

    Hope this helps!

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