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    Unanswered: Printing Report

    I am making a form to print a report. I use Filter and FilterOn property to filter the report. This works well and I got the correct result when I print preview it. However, when I print it, it gives me the whole records, rather than the filtered one. Does anyone know why this occurs ? It seems a bit strange, because usually if the print preview is right, the printing must also be right.

    My code is :

    DoCmd.OpenReport report_name, acViewPreview,"",""
    Reports(report_name).Filter = str_filter
    Reports(report_name).FilterOn = True
    DoCmd.SelectObject acReport, report_name, False --> multiple reports

    Is it true that grouplevel property can only be modified at runtime at Report's Open event ? If that's the case, if we want to modify it again, we have to close the report and open it again ?

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    Assuming your code is behind a button on the form, just have 2 for preview and one to print.

    For the preview button, use your same code but remove the PRINT line at the bottom. For the print button, re-use your preview code but remove the preview syntax and replace it with the print syntax.

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