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    Question Unanswered: Windows & InnoBD

    Sorry for my not proper English, i'm from Italy.
    I'm not used with InnoDB, and i need some tip in order to configure MySQL with InnoDB for transaction.
    With the query...
    SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'have%'...
    I can see the variable..
    have_innodb = DISABLED

    Note that I have mysqld-max-nt installed as as service on Windows 2000.

    I've tried to configure my.ini....
    but inserting the row "innodb_data_file_path" (that is the only required parameter as declared in the manual), it's impossible to start the service.

    How can I start with InnoDB??
    Thank You

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    There are 3 binaries you have to install.

    First you have to install the client binaries.
    Then you have to install the STANDARD MySQL binaries.

    ONLY AFTER THAT do you install the MySQL-Max binaries.

    Make sure you uncomment the innodb configuration lines in my.ini. Make sure you get the path right.


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