I am new to Crystal Reports. And I'm designing a manual cross-tab report. My database field of Group Name is what is use for the rows. Each group name has data for each month of the year. So the columns are each month of the year. So now I need to fill in the rest of the row for that particular group. I have tried a formula field and that does not work properly. So I have been trying to select the data using the SQL Expression Editor so that I can create a SQL Expression field. But I cannot figure out the syntax or find the proper example to learn from. I have found some examples, but I get errors when trying to save the field. I am running Crystal Reports version This is the SQL statement that I need to work. If any knows the proper syntax could they please show me an example or at least point me in the right direction in order to find a proper example.

The example below gives me an error on the select statement.

Select GroupActivity."MedicalCount"
From 'GroupActivity' GroupActivity
Where GroupActivity."PayMonth" = 1

The example below gives me Database error saying Syntax error or access violation. I am running the report form a database that is in SQL Server. Could it be I don't have the correct properties set in SQL Server to allow this type of action.

SELECT {GroupActivity.MedicalCount}
FROM 'dbo.GroupActivity' GroupActivity
WHERE ({GroupActivity.PayMonth} = 1)

Thanks in advance for any help that you can give me.