My Windows 2000 Server receintly crased, and I had to reinstall SQL 2000. In the installation, I pointed the data directory to my old data directory where all the data and log files were (I did this previously, and it attached all the databases automatically). Some of these databases were SQL 7 databases previously.

After the installation, the Enterprize Manager was very slow. When you click on a database node, it takes a minute or 2 to open the node. During this time the disk light burns all the time. It also didn't attach the databases as I hoped, and I had to manually connect 4 I use regularly. I can't really see a difference in speed when running queries on the databases. In the data folder I have about 30 data and log files which is not attcahed at this time. I will attach them later when I sort out this problem.

I tried running sp_updatestats, but it didn't make a difference. When I Export or Import it takes 10 times as long, and the disk light burns all the time. I have a 1GHz, 512MB RAM PC, so it should be quick. The Databases are all small, between 5 and 15MB.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.