I have a MsSQLServer 7.0 with sp2 on a NT4.0(sp6) server.
The server have a hard disk which partion to C, D, and E.

All the default databased were located on C drive except another database was created for accounting purpose located in D drive.
After an eletricity outage, the db on D drive was marked with "SUSPECT". It was unsucessful when we tried to restore the db back to it's original location. Therefore we delete the database via the Enterprise Manager.

But when i try to create a new database using the Enterprise Manager, we can only see C & E drive at the location browser.
D drive was unable to detact by the Enterprise server. (D drive is still working as we still can browse it and open the files in there via Windows Explorer).

We have sucessfully restore the db to E drive for temporily, but needed to transfer it back to D drive for long term as E drive don't have RAID.

Anyone have any idea on how to detect the D drive in Enterprise server? Your advice on this will be much appreciated thanks!