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    Unanswered: Junior DBA Advice.

    Hi guys,
    I have been working with Sql 7 & 2000 now for 1.5 years as part of my job. I am a certified MCDBA and was wondering what is the best path to take to get into a position of Junior DBA. I have done backups, resorations, database manipulation, scripting, etc. and have developed an avid interest in this role.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    I suggest one should be very good in hardware and Networking in order to be a good DBA and it is doesn't matter it is a junior or senior.


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    In addition, you should also get involved with developing databases and database applications; be part of the design team, and try to get involved with writing stored procedures and other code to support these kinds of applications. You'll add skills that most employers are looking for; at least here in the U.S., it's *extremely* rare to find a job where you'd do nothing else but backups and maintenance. There's always some development work involved; and it helps if the developers understand how a design choice could have an effect on maintenance, from the perspective of the person who needs to maintain it. The advantages of filegroups, separating indexes from the tables, etc. would be good things for them to know, for example.

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