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    Unanswered: Msg 18456 - login failure - sql server


    My ISP has just given me the username and passwords to connect to my sql server site.

    However after setting up the ip and tcp and 1433 in the client network utility and trying to connect to the site via the query analyzer (and later EM) I am getting this wierd message:

    Msg 18456, level 16...Login failure Sql Server not found...

    Not I am almost absolutely sure the login username and password is correct; I have tcp/ip enabled and I am not behind a firewall.

    Anyone got some ideas?

    Much appreciated. If you have the silver answer could you please email me at - awesome.


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    How are you connecting to the server, with a name (ie ISP_Server) or with and IP address (ie.
    [list=a][*]Using the SQL Server Client Netwrork Utility verify that TCP/IP is enabled[*]If connecting with a name, can you PING the name from DOS? If not can you ping the IP address?[*]If you can ping the IP address, but not the name, add an alias using SQL Client Network Utility[/list=a]

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    Still login failure - despite tcp/ip and ip config.

    Hi... thanks for quick reply and advice....


    1. The ISP provided me with an alias/name rather than a IP.
    2. I tried pinging the name and had no problem...
    3. I copied the IP address from the ping and replaced the name in the Client Network Utility....
    4. I made sure TCP/IP was enabled...
    5. Tried connecting through the SQL Query analzyer....

    But got the same damn error message: "Unable to connect to server...Msg 18456, Level 16, State 1....Login failure

    Got anymore ideas. The address is pingable; TCP/IP is enabled; I appear to have the right login details.....what now?

    Very wierd..
    Jason - Cape Town

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