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    Unhappy Unanswered: What realy does the upsizer wizard?

    I have a database that contains tables, querys, modules, forms and reports and of course code. the normal situation.

    What i want to know, is that, do the upsizer tranforms all the database, including forms!? If so, after that how can i open the forms to introduce the data!?

    Other question, supose i upsized the database and i can see my forms, the company i work have a program in visual basic that store data in SQL Server tables, is there any problem of conflict if i upsize my database?

    Could you help me!?


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    Just try the wizard on a safe copy, I would suggest.
    Did it myself recently (Access XP and SQL Server 2000), and it is easy to use. In a nutshell:
    It will copy your Access Tables to the SQL-server.
    You may choose to start a new SQL-server database or use an existing.
    The wizard will also let you choose about creating a Access Project, of simply linking the new SQL-tables to your existing Access-frontend.
    The wizard will also produce a report, so you can see what happened.

    Data entry and editing will still be done via the Access frontend.

    About your second question, I'm not very familiar with VB-projects.
    But since the SQL-server will easily run multiple databases at the same time, I don't see a problem. Should not make much of a difference I think, whether Access or VB is used as a front-end.


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    I have a question as to if the database is moved form an ACcess database backend to a SQL server, will the dates accessing remain the sma evai all the queries and wheter SQL Server does accept the naming convention as in MS Access.

    PS I have not worked much with SQL Server, just helped some friends with some simple SQL scripts.

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