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    Red face Unanswered: restoring informix online on the other machine

    Hi All,

    anybody knows how to restore informix online 5 on the other machine using tbtape?

    dir structure are not the same as on the original server, so tbtape complains that there is a "Mismatch in configuration file".
    So, is it possible to find a "walkaround" on this? Somehow make a "match" in config file or restore the db to another location?


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    If cannot remember too clearly, because it has been over 5 years since i touch version 5.x

    I think there may be a problem if you source and target machines have different configurations, because they are not the same brand. Have you also checked the tape parameters?

    I remembwe we use to use dbexport and dbimport to do cross platform migration, if that helps.

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    I belive that there is no way to do that. Brand the same, but informix in this case uses raw devices, so it'l be quite difficulte to do that.
    Problem that I have _only_ tbtape backup.


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    There are a few parameters important to tb/ontape from what i rememeber. These are as follows:

    Shared memory parameters
    Set these to the maximum values you had before. If you do not have the previous maximum value, guess the increase.

    Mirror parameters
    Check the mirror parameters are the same as the parameters when you performed the level 0 archive.You should also check that the MIRRORPATH and MIRROR offset are the same.

    Make sure you have all the tables spaces that you had when you performed the level 0 archive.

    tbtape can be quite picky, and should be used for backup only.

    hope this helps

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    AFAIK, dir structure MUST be the same , i.e,
    same names , same sizes , etc
    I dunno if you are on a UNIX platfform , though.
    One thing that might be very helpful in these
    situations is to use soft links ( UNIX )
    When planning a database it's
    very useful to assign chuncks to soft links,e.g.,
    in your dev directory , you could have

    /dev/rootdbs -> /dev/vg01/rlvol6

    later you could point rootdbs to another device
    of same size , if needed

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