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    Unanswered: Delete Blank Records

    I have a simple table that I import from an Excel spreadsheet. Sometimes, however, it imports blank records. I've tried to delete these through a delete query using Isnull as a criteria on one of the fields. This does not work. Any ideas??

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    A couple of suggestions...
    #1: prepare your Excel data better. Use an import range for example.
    #2: try filtering by =""
    #3: if you have a primary key link your table to the same table using the primary key and filter the second table by a field that does have data.

    Hope this helps...

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    What you're telling is somehow strange, because when using the IsNull function as a criteria in query you do have to see some results (Null values).

    Try to view how many records the query deletes, this is, open the action query in design view and chose the query as normal not as action, run the query and see how many records returns. If the number of records is zero, and you see a blank line and a cursor, then the query is returning right values and you have no null records in the field of criteria selected. If you can't see a blank line, then your query has wrong sql statments.
    What may happen when the query has right statments, is that you are chosing the wrong field for your criteria. When you have null values, you should allow null values in the field, in case you haven't do that, open the table in design view and set the field properties : Allow Null Values to Yes.

    Hope this can help you!

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