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    Unanswered: Corruption in Access 2002

    We have a network of computers ranging from win98 to winXP. Have Office 2002 installed on all of them. The database is accessed several times per day by the different computers.
    Ever since we installed an XP machine on our network, we get corrupted database files every couple days. Backups are being made every 10 mins because of this problem now.

    Has anyone else had corruption problems with winXP? That is the culprit at the moment. Does anyone have any other ideas as to why our database keeps getting corrupted every few days?

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    What kind of network is it!?
    If you're working with novel, well, you may experience some problems, i don't say exclusively with ms access, but with other programs to, because Novell networks are not stable with diferent operating systems, witch is your case, you have machines with W98, Wxp.
    If you're working with Wnt 2000, well, really i don't now, maybe incompatibilities with office Xp - see knowledge base for compatibilities with xp -

    My advice is that you install Windows 2000 or 98 or Xp on every machines, and run under a Windows NT 2000, and then install Office Xp on every machine. So that the information flow in a standard way inside your network.

    It is very possible that some Dll's or other system files are messed with each other, because you've got W98, Wxp, Office Xp, etc....

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