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    Question Unanswered: Access 2000 Field Editor popup

    Good morning,

    I was hoping that someone out there has encountered this, and has a solution so that it will save me some work and much frustration:

    I would like to set up a popup form that comes up when a user is in a text field and hits a hotkey combination (ie: ^e) so that they could enter more information in the field than they can view on the main form.
    When the form pops up, the user can view any existing information that has been entered in the field, and add additional text as neccessary.

    I have already built the popup form that consists of a large unbound text field and OK and Cancel buttons.

    There is one field in the main form that I am using this item for, but would prefer to have it available to all fields.

    Any ideas? Need me to be more specific? let me know.

    Thanks much,
    Tom Wilczak

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    Dear Tom,

    Most likely the thing you're looking for is already available in Access.
    Try the hotkey Shift+F2 from within any text field and be amused!


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    I sort of figured something along those lines would be included--I had encountered it in other tools, but never in Access.

    Thanks so much for the help,

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