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    Unanswered: Date from Date/Time Field

    I have what I'm assuming is an easy question to answer, but I haven't found the answer yet.

    I am storing date and time info in a SmallDateTime field. The problem is when I try to retrieve records for a specific date.

    For example,

    "SELECT field_date FROM table WHERE field_date = '4/15/2002';"

    This SQL statement returns no data. I'm assuming it's looking for an exact match, which it won't find due to the time info.

    I tried to use LIKE, but SQL Server didn't like LIKE.

    How do I retrieve records by date only?


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    three options:

    store the dates without time, essentialy making the time part midnight.

    convert "field_date" to a string, this can be slow as you will scan the entire table.

    change the where caluse to search using between "where filed_date between '4/15/2002' and '4/15/2002 23:59:59:999'"
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