Hello! My name is Gretchen Garland, and I am a technical recruiter at Microsoft. We are currently trying to fill a position within Office that requires strong OLAP/MDX knowledge and testing experience. I was wondering if anyone on this board might be give me some ideas on where I might find great people for this position. I have included the job description below. If you know of anyone who might be a fit or have any ideas for me, feel free to e-mail me at ggarland@microsoft.com

I apologize if I have imposed upon your time in an inappropriate fashion.

Best regards,
Gretchen Garland
Technical Recruiter
Microsoft Corporation

Would you like to work on a product that helps users effortlessly spot opportunities, trends, or problems in their data? Are you interested in working on a brand new product that retrieves, organizes, and analyzes large amounts of data quickly and concisely? If so, apply to the team that is making this happen. The Office Business Intelligence team is building the next generation of web-enabled data analysis tools to accomplish these goals. We are looking for testers who have OLAP/MDX experience, solid SQL skills, and want to build a better client and server to display the data and answer business questions. Primary responsibilities include driving issues, coordinate cross-group tasks, designing test cases, writing quality bug reports, and writing test automation. Qualifications include a desire to assume a leadership role, working knowledge of OLAP, MDX, VB, SQL, DHTML and a desire to work with XML. Candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of software testing experience.