Hi...Need help badly on this one...

I used SQL-DMO to import data from my VB-Code where my datafile was backed-up into a flat file having datafiletype formatm = 4

I got hit with this error while executing
" [SQL-DMO] Code execution exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION"

My Code:

Set oSQLTable = oSQLDatabase.Tables("MyTable")
Set oSQLBulkcopy = CreateObject("SQLDMO.Bulkcopy")

With oSQLBulkcopy
.DataFilePath = "C:\MyFile.txt"
.DataFileType = 4
.LastRow = 0
.ErrorFilePath = GetFilePath(LOG_PATH_KEY) & EJ_BACKUP_ERROR_LOG
End With

nResult = oSQLTable.ImportData(oSQLBulkcopy) 'hits error here