"The simplest way of handling identity ranges across replicas is to allow SQL Server 2000 to manage identity range handling for you. To use automatic identity range handling, you must first enable the feature at the time the publication is created, assign a set of initial Publisher and Subscriber identity range values, and then assign a threshold value that determines when a new identity range is created.

For example, assigning an identity range from 1000 through 2000 to a Publisher, and a range from 2001 through 3000 to an initial Subscriber, works as follows when combined with a threshold value of 80 percent:

Newly inserted Publisher rows are assigned identity values from 1000 through 2000. Newly inserted rows on the initial Subscriber will sequence from 2001 through 3000.

When 80 percent of either the Publisher identity values or the Subscriber identity values are used, a new identity range is created for forthcoming inserts. "
this is from msdn, of course and this is my problem, that instead of assigning the new identity range when the percent is consumed, the publisher attaches a new range of identity every time the syncronization happens.
I use snapshot replication with qeueud updating.
Windows XP, SQL Server 2000 , no SP
Any help would be much appreciated.